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Discharge dredging rubber hose

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East Dredging can offers a complete solution of DISCHARGE HOSE for Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger(TSHD) & Cutter Suction Dredger(CSD) which connect with HDPE pipe and steel pipe.

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The discharge dredging hose is the most commonly dredging hose and can connect with steel pipe or HDPE pipe in offshore and on land which can delivery to coral, reef rock, granite in dredging project site. We can manufacture different inner diameter and length according to customer requirements.


Inner diameter/ID 100~1100mm
Length/L 1000~11800mm
Flange size PN 10,PN 16,PN 25 or customized
Note Other size available on request.


1. Inner wear layer: Black.wear and corrosion resistant mixing natural rubber and Wear warning tape.
2. Reinforcement layer: High tensile textile layer.
3. Outer cover layer: Back.weather and abrasion resistance natural rubber and Warning tape.
4. Flange: Q235 Steel flange with nipple.
5. Marking: East Dredging or customer's logo.

Technical data

Temperature(℃) -20~50
Working Pressure/WP(Mpa) 0.5~2.5
Burst Pressure/BP(Mpa) 1.5~7.5
Note Other technical data available on request.

Inspection & certificates

We use modern technology to design and manufacture, and through rigorous field testing.

The following tests are to be conducted:
● Raw material test including natural rubber, tensile textile, rubber additive(inspection before entering warehouse).
● Hose dimension check including flange size and length.
● Weight check.
● Working pressure test(if specified, sampling).
● Bending test(if specified, sampling).

1-Discharrge hose with steel flange

Our QC department will inspect each product and offer FACTORY INSPECTION REPORT before delivery. We can also invite the third party inspection agency to inspect according to customer requirements. The usual inspection agency include Classification Society of China(CCS), Norway-German(DNV-GL), United Stats(ABS), United Kingdom(LR) and France(BV).

1-Discharrge hose with steel flange1

Packing and delivery

Advantage: professional, efficient, economical and environmental.

Duo to our products are large size and heaviness, normal we do not use packaging during shipping in order to reduce costs. So the professional packing skills are crucial, not only it need to protect our products, but also need to protect the containers, vehicles and personnel. Our core strength comes from years of work experience and a responsible attitude.

1-Discharrge hose with steel flange2


Depending on the function, there are two kind dredging hose, one kind is discharge hose and the other kind is suction hose. Duo to the continuous development of dredging vessel, Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger(TSHD) and Cutter Suction Dredger(CSD) are the mainly dredgers in the world. Duo to complex construction conditions including coral, reef rock, granite and others, the armored discharge hose effectively solves these problems. The floating hose provide installation efficiency and reduces the impact of wind and waves on the offshore projects.

1-Discharrge hose with steel flange3

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