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Makunudhoo dredging resumes after temporary halt

After a temporary halt, the dredging operations for the development of HDh. Makunudhoo Airport have officially recommenced.


The dredging work in Makunudhoo was suspended to facilitate an investigation into the explosion of a gas cylinder in the island’s harbor area on October 21, an incident that led to the demise of two Indian workers and caused significant damage to properties.

The two deceased individuals were part of the workforce engaged in the dredging project.

When the project was paused, the dredging work had reached 20 percent completion.

Makunudhoo Council announced yesterday that the reclamation project was officially resumed last Friday.

The contract for the dredging and beach protection project in Makunudhoo was awarded to Bigfish Maldives Pvt Ltd on June 22 this year for $16 million and a projected completion timeline of 550 days.

The project’s scope includes recreating 43.12 hectares of land for the airport and the construction of a 3,493-meter revetment in the reclaimed area.

Post time: Nov-07-2023
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